Apps For Buying Concert Tickets

Buying tickets to a concert used to be a hassle. But times sure have changed. These days, you can buy concert tickets and get access to the best deals available with the flick of your finger. All you need is one of these apps to help you land a couple seats to the big show.

Live Nation

Hundreds of tickets to a host of upcoming concerts in a variety of different genres—including dozens of highlighted artists so you don’t have to dig around too much to find what you’re looking for

There’s no worse feeling than hearing that your favorite artist is coming to town—and then finding out that the tickets to the show sold out months ago. You can have Live Nation alert you when your favorite artists are coming and then order tickets to the show directly through their app. Of course, this won’t help you if the show sells out quickly, but it does give you a chance to try and score tickets when they become available.

Stub Hub

Tickets to a ton of concerts that are being resold by people who purchased tickets to the concert and no longer want or need them

The StubHub app works just like the StubHub web site does. When it comes to trying to land hard-to-get tickets, though, you need access to StubHub virtually all the time. So their app allows you to check the prices of sold-out tickets from anywhere or just browse through the tickets that are available at your own leisure.

eSeats Tickets

Concert tickets through suppliers, which may or may not include Live Nation-affiliated concert events

Live Nation may have the game on lock when it comes to concerts—but they don’t sell tickets to every event. So if you’re looking to score tickets to a smaller concert (or a bigger concert, for that matter!), eSeats is worth a look.

iConcert Cal

A calendar full on concert dates based on the music that you have on your computer and/or smart phone

Keeping track of all the concerts you want to attend can get difficult, especially if you live in a bigger city that sees a lot of traffic from different musicians. Rather than try and keep up on it yourself, let iConcertCal do the hard work for you. It’ll organize concerts you might be interested in attending by date and give you the option to buy tickets at any time.

Tickets Direct

Sold-out seats at the hottest concerts for a fraction of the price you might pay through other sites

When buying concert tickets to sold-out shows, you should always shop around. StubHub might have some great prices, but give an app like a try to see if you can do even better. Thanks to its simple interface, you’ll know whether you’re getting the best deal elsewhere or not in a matter of minutes. Sounds pretty good, right?

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