Backpack is Never Out of Fashion

Undoubtedly, the backpack is one of the most timeless accessories out there. They literally never go out of fashion, just look at cult classic Clueless, which is another great reason you’ll want to be styling one. What could be better? And if this hasn’t made your mind up, then don’t worry, as these shopping must-haves sure will.

The Classic Backpack

We know what you’re thinking. Plain? Won’t that be boring?

Well the answer to that is no, it’s a common misconception that plain is dull because with the right pairing and accessories, you can achieve that effortlessly done minimalistic look. Just think of how many outfits you can incorporate in true Scandi fashion…

The minimalistic look compliments your clothes more and brings attention to it.

The Floral Backpack

As soon as anyone hears floral, it’s obvious who they’re talking about, especially when it comes to bags. Cath Kidston, of course.

The pattern of these bags will add colour to your outfit and instantaneously brighten up your look. They will never go out of style. But don’t go too full on with your outfit – wearing too much colour and pattern can make you look too loud.

So think about pairing a floral bag with a simplistic outfit, such as a plain cold-shoulder top and black jeans. Remember, accessories such as a watch are everything when it comes to complimenting an outfit.

The Metallic Backpack

This option is more of a statement piece as metallic backpacks have the potential to really make an outfit.

Pair with frayed jeans and a simple t-shirt as this helps to emphasise the colour of the bag.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab a bakpack for yourself.

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