Retro Gadgets for Your iPhone

iPhone Microphone Speaker – Looks like a retro microphone speaker, does what a modern counterpart should do. Also compatible with any MP3 player.

Slow Photography Camera for iPhone– Choose between three lenses, fixed, macro and fish-eye to let your camera lens capture life from a different angle.

LEGO inspired Block Case for iPhone 4/4S – A LEGO-inspired iPhone case that also doubles as a stand.

Vintage Book iPhone Charger – A good book can charge your mind, and now your iPhone. With no messy cords lying around, this is one handy charger.

Retro Boom Box Cassette Tape Player iPhone Case – A cool case that also offers top protection (durable aluminum face plate) for your iPhone.

iCade 8-Bitty – Game Controller for iPhone – Turn your iPhone into a mini videogame console (classic Nintendo style) with this add-on game controller.

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