Why Korean Beauty Products Are So Amazing

We bowed down to the Korean beauty gods a few years ago after being introduced to the complexion-perfecting balms that are BB creams. But that’s not the only skincare wunderkind they’ve brought to the world stage: Last year, for the first time ever, the country’s beauty exports surpassed their imports. Intrigued by what makes Korean beauty products stand out in the international market.

Skincare Always Comes First

What really differentiates K-Beauty from popular beauty products in the U.S.? The emphasis is on skincare. Korean women hold the belief that beautiful skin is beauty. Because of this attitude, Korean skincare regimens are more involved than your typical quick cleanse and smear of night cream.

Tech Drives the Beauty Industry

Korean culture is very much tied to technological advancement. Companies work around the clock to provide new products with instant results. News and reviews of products travel so fast, in fact, that Korean beauty customers are now shaping the market by creating their own demand via social media and “Get it Beauty,” a TV show dedicated entirely to beauty trends, how-to’s, techniques, and new products.

The Ingredients Are One-of-a-Kind

A few terms to look out on the label for when you’re shopping are Korean Bamboo sap, which soothes and hydrates dry skin, Korean Pine Phytoncide, which calms and heals irritated skin, Red Ginseng, which has antiaging properties, and Koreal Charcoan powders, which aids sebum absorption.

Korean Beauty Is Ahead of the Curve

What’s the next BB cream? That’s what every beauty fanatic this side of the Pacific wants to know. Brands like SU:M37 are leading the way by using fermented ingredients, which naturally create good-for-your-skin amino acids. Bring it on.

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