Best Online Retail Store For Electronics

When it comes to shopping for electronics, nothing beats the convenience of shopping from home. Think about it: There’s no standing on long lines, sitting in car traffic, or rushing to the store before it closes. Best of all, you don’t even have to get dressed.

Online retailers continue to outscore walk-in retailers, according to a Consumer Reports survey of electronics stores. The main reason: Online retailers offer better prices.

The following five stores are, in our opinion, the best online destinations for finding a special treat for everyone on your list, whether it’s a fun USB gadget, DIY hardware, an imported laptop, or a car stereo system.

Think Geek

Attention-grabbing product descriptions, video demos, and a new Geek Kids category. (Hey, you have to start them at an early age!)

New Egg

Easy to find what you’re looking for, a huge product catalog of brands, and customer reviews and ratings.

Crutch Field

Tech-challenged folks don’t have to shy away from shopping for electronics, thanks to the site’s Learning Center. There you’ll find helpful articles, guides, and videos that will teach you how to use a digital-SLR camera, how to install an in-car navigation system, and more. Plus, the company has made efforts to go green by using biodegradable, starch-based peanuts to protect items against shipping damage and installing energy-saving light bulbs at its headquarters and warehouse.


Besides the fact that you can purchase products that you can’t find here in the U.S., customers receive free tech support and a rescue service warranty. So, if your purchase requires repair, Dynamism will pay for FedEx shipping to ship the product back. Even more, if you purchased a product from Dynamism that needs an upgrade, you can trade it in for credit on your next purchase.


Only at Firebox will you find a category for geeky edible items! Plus, it lists the top 20 most sought after items, offers a step-by-step process on how to operate each item, and displays video reviews.


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